Saturday, July 23, 2005


Unite against Terror initiative, again

If you haven't signed the statement at Unite against Terror yet, please do so. There should be little you disagree with, if you walk on two legs and are in the possession of a neocortex.

The initiative has drawn some predictable ire here and there. I really don't give a damn whether the people behind this initiative are pro-war or anti-war or card-carrying devil-worshipping Blairites. I just submitted the below statement to their "why we signed" section:

I oppose the War on Terror, as it is being waged, in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am aware that many who signed the petition with me support it. This cannot keep me from signing, as opposition to the war must not entail indifference and complacency towards the fundamentalist murderers.

The massacres in New York, Bali, Madrid, London, most recently Sharm El-Sheikh admit no rational “explanation”, no distinction between political goals and violent means. The means and the aims are the same – mindless slaughter of Muslims and non-Muslims alike, of people going to their work one morning, or people on vacation visiting a foreign city for the first time. The nature of terrorism shows itself here, naked and grotesque. The response of part of the Left which I consider myself a part of exhibits, by reflexively blaming the West, a worrying insensitivity towards violent islamic fundamentalism – which is aimed, first and foremost, against the very Enlightenment values that gave birth to the modern Left, rather than being some understandable if misdirected strike against Imperialism.

Instead, the unspeakably vile act of blowing yourself, and the strangers and fellow human beings going about their business around you, up in a crowded bus or train is a denial of humanity which should be met with outrage and an assertion of the humanity that unites us, regardless of political or religious differences.

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