Friday, July 01, 2005


Time to fight back

The line must be drawn here.

For years now, governments around the world have hounded the significant parts of their population which smoke, while gladly accepting ever-increasing VAT taxes on cigarettes. While we smokers gladly take full responsibility for the damage we incur to our own health, we have been made responsible for others' healths on the flimsiest evidence. Accross Europe, smokers have been chased out of clubs and pubs - and a new British government campaign childishly insults smokers' looks and sexual prowess.

Smokers have thus far responded to all this bullying way too passively. Sure enough, many of them want to quit - smoking is addictive, and not good for your health. But far too few have stood up for individuals' basic right to do enjoyable things bad for your health just because you want to without disturbing anyone else.

Now, the fightback has started. Forward the Smokers' Liberation Front!

Smokers Liberation Front - Blogging Smokers

We agree with you 100%.

Whilst we support the smoker's informed choice to smoke, we also support the non-smoker's right to clean air.

We don't feel that the two are mutually exclusive in the same environment.

We seek a compromise solution by uncompromising means.
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