Monday, November 15, 2004



So Pim Fortuyn has been elected Greatest Dutchman.

Well, it was a done deal, really. He only had to compete against, say, Johan van Oldebarneveldt (founder of the Dutch republic), Hugo Grotius (pioneer of international law), Johan and Cornelius de Wit, Anthony van Leeuwenhoek (inventor of the microscope), Christiaan Huygens, Michiel de Ruyter (great sea admiral), Abel Tasman (discoverer of New Zealand and Tasmania), Kamerlingh Onnes (liquefied helium and got a Nobel prize), Baruch de Spinoza, hell, RUTGER HAUER!!! - they could have chosen Rutger Hauer!

I'd have settled for Rutger Hauer.

For what it is worth, I'll stick it out in Sweden for the time being.


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