Sunday, November 14, 2004


Press Release!


PYONGYANG, NOV. 14 - Proletarian masses around the world jubilate at Merlijn de Smit's decision to re-launch the Party for Socialism and Space Travel (PSST), now renamed the Party for Subversion, Socialism and Space Travel (Kicks Ass) - PSSST(KA).

Amid raucuous cheers, M. de Smit announced during an impromptu press conference in Pyongyang that the ultimate goal of the PSSST(KA) remained to build a socialist colony on Mars, to be renamed Marx.

"A decent-sized asteroid in the general vicinity of Mars would be good too." Great Leader Kim Jong-Il added sagaciously.

M. de Smit continued to announce that until the construction of the spaceship "Red Planet" was finished, the PSST(KA) would endeavour to uphold a weblog dedicated to "the fresher ideas from the socialist left and the libertarian right."

The last four words, however, were drowned out by spontaneous cheers, jubilations, cries of "Forward the PSSST(KA)" and the roar of fifty North Korean aircraft suddenly flying over low.

The PSSST(KA)'s logs may be accessed at:

Though the headquarters of the Party are located in an ultra-secret hollowed-out mountain in Haarlemmermeer municipality in the Netherlands, the party may be contacted at:

"The Party for Subversion, Socialism and Space Travel kicks ass!" Great Leader Kim Jong-Il added sagaciously.

After the press conference, a spontaneous protest march of North Korean workers was held, with such catchy slogans as "The brotherhood between Earthling workers and workers from other Star Systems will constitute an iron fist in the face of US imperialism!", "Forward the socialist colony on Marx, whose tremendous technical advances will utterly overshadow those of all the capitalist nations combined!" and "Bring us to your leader!"

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