Wednesday, November 17, 2004


US Election

Yes, I think we all know that the election was a total flop but a brilliant way for the American people to demonstrate just what the Europeans, and most of the rest of the world, have been saying for about 4 years: 51% of them are witless simpletons deserving nothing short of eradication. At least now we can all put a more exact figure on it.

"Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."

And I can only hope that the above applies to the 58-odd million people in the US who voted for Bush. Doubtful.

When Kerry conceded with, what seemed to us over here in Old Europe, conspiracy-theory speed, I walked through my house and consoled the panicked Germans, many of whom seemed more concerned about the turnout than the Americans, and spoke just the above words, "Forgive us, forgive them," and tried to appear, myself, calm and subdued.

I pointed them to the interesting (and humorous) apologies offered on behalf of those who voted for Kerry, and even for those who did not, archived at I switched the computer on and began to do the same with my network of online friends in the US and around the world as we all screamed silently in our heads and wondered just what the world would be like in four years time.

I, an American who currently lives in Germany, will have to return to the United States to another 3 years and some odd months of Bush's reign of terror, round 2.

I began considering my options. Stay and fight. Marry and move. Transfer to a foreign university. That's all still to be decided...

Not to say that Kerry would have been a perfect alternative. He would not have, to be sure. But better is better and in a two-party system that most seem happy enough with to leave alone those there are rarely choices.

As a result of Bush's winning, I have joined two organizations I've been meaning to join for awhile now: the ACLU and the HRC. We'll need them.

So... who's to say what the world will look like in four years. Surely, not I since I don't even want to begin thinking about it.

I voted for Kerry and I'm sorry fewer of my country(wo)men didn't do the same. Forgive them, because I know I sure cannot.


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